healing spaces is an architecture studio specializing in healthcare design, founded in 2018 by Pál András Rutkai


Architecture and design have the potential to promote human health and well-being. Especially in hospitals, where the quality of spaces not only influence the treatment, but also the psychological state of a patient - a major factor in the healing process.

Medicine is no longer the only answer. Design has to be part of the solution.

honors and awards

Hôpital d’Yverdon-les-Bains - international design competition
4th place
2020 - 2021
International design competition for the extension and transformation of a regional hospital built in the 1980s. The approximately 65.000 m2 redevelopment scheme included a large emergency and surgery center along with a wide array of complex hospital services.

South-Buda Central Hospital international design competition
2nd place - invitation to tender
December 2018
Design competition for an all new, greenfield hospital with 1200 beds on 210.000 m2. The facility will contain 900 adult and 300 pediatric beds, inpatient and outpatient services, regional trauma centers and a state-of the art interventional platform.

Héviz hospital redevelopment competition
Honourable mention
March 2016
Hospital design competition for an all new 340 bed rehabilitation hospital.

NYSID Chairman’s Award
August 2015
The Chairman’s Award was established in order to recognize outstanding creative achievements made by a graduating student in the Master of Professional Studies in Healthcare Interior Design program.

Fulbright Scholarship - New York, USA
New York School of Interior Design - Master of Professional Studies in Healthcare Interior Design

Erasmus Leonardo Scholarship - Bath, United Kingdom
Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios


Hospital Architecture

As general planners, we are leading multidisciplinary teams that can rise to the challenge of designing large-scale and complex hospital buildings. Our international experiences ensure the latest medical design solution, whenever we embark on a new project.

Medical design Consultancy

We help to bridge the gap between architects, medical engineers, healthcare staff and hospital leadership, by providing insight throughout the design process. Our clients include industry leading architectural design offices as well as healthcare providers.

Healthcare design innovation

As the medical profession keeps continuously evolving, we are constantly seeking concepts for the built environment that can enhance and promote the healing process. 21st century medicine needs 21st century infrastructure.



Healing Spaces
healthcare design consultancy

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